Needle Pen With Nano 2020

Our MicroNeedle Pen Can Also Be Used for Nano Needling
Medical grade microneedling device that can be used with or without the cord. The high quality unit does not come with a steep purchase price or ridiculous disposable cost.

Needle Pen Purchase Includes:

  • 1 – Needle Pen with 2 Lithium batteries and cord. (Can be used corded or cordless)
  • 10 – Replacement Cartridges
  • 1 – Bottle of Pure Hyaluronic Acid
  • Operation & Instruction Manual
  • Video Tutorial on use of the Needle Pen
  • Adjustable Speed- 3000 – 10,000 rpm
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Discount – On Hands-on Training Class


COST – $995

Microneedling Patient Applications:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Fine Lines & Moderate
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Laxity
  • Acne Scars
  • Diminished Texture, Tone, Color
  • Stretch Marks
  • Traumatic Scars
  • Photo Aging & Sun
  • Damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Hair Regrowth

Replacement Cartridges

Micro Needling

– 12 or 36 Needle needle Pins ( 33 Gauge)

– Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

– Needle depth 0.25 – 2.5 mm

– Anti-back-flow design

– Automated vertical needling to reduce discomfort

– Vented port to reduce pressure and protect skin

– Fluid filter to prevent contamination

– Individually packaged and EO Gas Sterilized

Nano Needling

– 81 mono-crystaline silicone pyramids

– Needle length 0.15 mm

– 1/3 Diameter of human hair

– Semi-conductor fabrication

– Transdermal delivery system

– Treats within the upper epidermis

– No State Board Concerns

– Individually packaged and EO Gas Sterilized

Package of 10 Individual Wrapped Cartridges – $90

Nano Needling Patient Applications:

  • Boost Product Absorption
  • Awaken Collagen Producing Cells
  • Improve Texture, Tone, Color
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Diminish Pore Size
  • Acne and Acne Scars
  • Photo Aging & Sun Damage
  • Restore Healthy Glow
  • Improve Plumpness

Nano Needling procedure uses monocrystaline silicone pyramids to create nano channels that will enhance the transdermal delivery of active ingredients to effectively treat aesthetic skin conditions.

Create a custom treatment protocol using your existing skin care line and see dramatic change.

This treatment is safe, gentle to the skin, painless, with zero down time. Nano needling is non-invasive and only enters the epidermis and therefore falls into an estheticians scope of practice.

Training and Certification

Microneedling Class Includes

  • History of Microneedling
  • Skin Physiology
  • Fitzpatrick skin typing
  • Benefits of Microneedling
  • Microneedling vs Laser vs Dermaroller
  • Contraindications of Microneedling
  • Patient Selection and Consent
  • Skin Preparations for Microneedling
  • Treatment Protocols for all Conditions
  • Pre/Post Care
  • Skin Care Ingredient Recommendations
  • Disease and Infection Control
  • Safety Procedures (needles, blood etc)
  • Adverse Effects Protocol
  • Combination Treatment Protocol
  • How to Operate a Microneedling Pen
  • Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable Training Manual
  • Needle Depth Chart
  • Downloadable Treatment Forms
  • Review Course Curriculum After Completion
  • Certification

Your Success Is Our Success

Educate and Support the Customer

  • Provide a quality medical grade microneedling device.
  • Keep customer startup and disposable costs low.
  • Educate customer on proper use for the most effective results.
  • Support the customer (phone, email, video, marketing…)

The mission of Needle Pen is to make every customer successful by giving the

tools needed do it. Let us show you how to add this profitable procedure that has

one of the highest patient satisfaction rates to your practice.

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